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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental health awareness report:
C.P.& Berar college, Smt. Binzani Mahilamahavidyalya &S hri Binzani city college jointly celebrated Mental Health awareness week from 6th 12th oct.2019 .On 6th,7th,8th oct. online survey had been conducted on “Mental Health” Report analysis are as follows.

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On 9th oct.2019 “Mental Health Awareness week “program formal inauguration had been done by Vice Principal Dr. J.K. Mahajan. Renowned Psychologist Dr. Amruta Bhuskute guided students through “Movie screening cum workshop” she gave information on mental health to the students.

On 10th oct. PPT presentation had been done by all these three college students. Theypresented ppt on different areas of Mental health like Stress Management, Psychological disorders & Psychotherapy.

On 11th oct.2019 all there experts arranged various program on Mental health through speech, poster & pamphlet.

On 12th oct.2019 valedictory function had been done at SBMM College Dr. Amar Damle guided students on Psychopharmacology. Dr Ajita Deshmukh Renowned  Psychologist guided students on Learning.

Department of psychology under placement &counseling cell, aptitude, I.Q. & personality test of B.Com.III& B.A.III students had been conducted by Dr. Jaya Golatkar H.O.D. of  Psychology department for thease test she prepared personal profile & counseling had been done of every students.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 Celebration: Collaborative efforts by Smt. BinzaniMahilaMahavidyalaya, C. P. & Berar College and S. B. City College after signing MOU

Collaboration in higher educational institutions is what NAAC specifies frequently as teaming up of two or more institutions of higher learning facilitates working together, sharing educational and research dreams, achieving common goals, and enhancing collective effort in meeting educational needs in focus. With this thought, 03 esteemed colleges in Nagpur, namely  Smt. BinzaniMahilaMahavidyalaya, C. P. & Berar College and S. B. City College have joined hands to conduct various students centric educational activities.

This collaboration came in the existence as all the three colleges recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and have decided to organise various educational activities such as Faculty Exchange, Students Exchange, Field Visits, Literary Activities etc.

First of such an activity had taken place recently and Psychology Departments of all the three colleges teamed up and have celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week during 6th to 12th Oct. 2019. As a part of this week-long collaborative effort, numerous  activities were organised.

Students and Faculty Members conducted as Survey of more than 100 people on  ‘Mental Health in Public Eye’ to review the attitude of common man about mental health.   Students of Smt. BinzaniMahilaMahavidyalaya namely Ms. RoshaniSahu (Historical Perspective of Psychopathology), Ms. Pragati Sharma (Phobia Disorder), Students of C. P. Berar College Ms. KrupaliBadonkar (Stress Management), Mr. AnukroshHemane        (Motivation), Ms. Gauri Wadekar (Memory) and Student of S. B. City College Mr. PrathmeshDorlikar gave presentations and sensitised audience about mental health.  Dr. Amruta Bhuskute conducted Movie Screening cum Workshop on Depression and guided students about causes, consequences and treatment of Depression. Faculty members Dr. Deepa Balkhande, HOD, S. B. M. M. and Dr. Alka Kolhe along with Dr. Vaishali Nandgawali of SBCT visited MahilaMahavidyalaya and Vidarbha Buniyadi School and interacted with staff and students and also distributed leaflets with tips for positive mental health. Prof. Amar Damle of SBMM and Ms. Aditi Deshmukh, School Counselor, CPS, Nagpur  guided students on ‘Use of Drugs in Psychotherapy’ and  ‘Learning Disorders’ respectively. Report of the survey conducted was also published in the valedictory function.

Dr. Deepa Balkahnde, Dr. Amruta Bhuskute, Prof. Amar Damle of SBMM, Dr. Jaya Golatkar of C. P. & Berar College and Dr. Alka Kolhe and Dr. Vaishali Panhekarof SBCT worked very hard for the success of the program. Principal of Smt. BinzaniMahilaMahavidyalayaDr. Lata Gajbhiye, Principal of C. P. & Berar college Dr. Milind Barhate and Principal of S. B. City College  Dr.MrudulaNaseri congratulated all the Faculty Members and students of Psychology Departments for the same.

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