Activity 2 – Sanskrit Department

The Department of Sanskrit

Sanksrit Department held inter-college event on the topic ‘Sanskrit Vyavasayavasaraha’ in the program of ‘Ganacharcha’ dated 19/08/2019. Kavikulguru Kalidas University wits, namely, Hon. Dr Nanda Puri, Hon. Dr. Kavita Hole, Hon. Dr Shivram Bhatt and Dr Kartik Bhagwat answered the queries of students and also made them aware of the career choices available to them by studying Sanskrit. Hon. Dr Milind Barahate was the person-in authority of the program and Dr. Smita Hote who took the responsibility of the program addressed the function at the end. Compeering and thanksgiving were done by students Ku. Bharathi Nimaskar and Ku.Shital Pimpalapure.

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