Department of History

History Department

Dr. Sunita Shrikant Pande (HOD)

About HOD: History department was a part of C. P. & Berar college from its establishment. The HOD’s till now are -1)Shri S.Y. Shastri 2)Shri P.B. Hirde 3)Shri N.S. Dixit & 4) (working) Sau Sunita S. Pande[Ass. Prof. MA(Hist) MA(Pol. Sci.) BEd NET]

Major achievements: Participated in Avishkar at university and state level, Worked as a member of Itihas abhyas mandal at Kalidas University.

Qualification: MA(History), NET, MA(Pol.sci), B.Ed. Ph. D.
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About Department

Department of history was established in 1960 from first day of college. Shri S. Y. Shastri was H.O.D. history department. Shri. P. B. Hirde was next H.O.D. His  successor was  Shri N. S.  Dixit who was also The HOD of history department. Professor Sunita Pandeis the H.O.D of the history  department from 14-12- 2007 onwards.Books written by Shastri and Dixit were taught in the University Colleges.Books  written by Dikshit sir are still taught in BA. First year , second year, and third year.