Department of Marathi

Marathi Department


Dr. Alka S. Indapawar (HOD)

About HOD: Professor

Qualification: M.A., Ph.D
Contact details:

Specialisation: Sant Sahitya, Sahitya Shastra

About Department

  • Marathi Department was established from 1960
  • Post Graduate courses started from 1980-81
  • Advanced studies (M.Phil.) started in 1988-89
  • D. Guidance Centre (Place for Higher Learning and Research) recognized by University in 2014-2015.
  • Eminent personalities in the Literary and Cultural fields in Maharashtra have worked in our Department:

_   Principal Shri S.M. Pande – Eminent educationist in     Vidarbha.

  • V.S. Jog (H.O.D. and Principal) – Eminent writer and critic, Awardees’ of the prestigious Soviet Land Nehru        Award for his research work in Marathi – Communism and Marathi Literature.
  • Jagannath Naikwade – Popular story writer and nationalist thinker whose book in Marathi “Nationalism and Modern MarathiPoetry”  was much appreciated in literary circles.
  • Wabgaonkar and other lecturers have also   contributed much in their respective fields of expertise

_    Dr.S.S. Meshram – treasurer of Marathi Pradhypak Parishad

  • At present Two members of the Deptt. are recognized Ph.D. guides.
  • All members of the department are actively engaged as office bearers in many literary, social, cultural and educational organizations in the city from last many years

Name : Dr. Rekha Wadikhaye

Dept.  : Marathi

Designation: Professor

Education :  M.A.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,NET,LL.B.

Email Id:

Mobile No.: 9975207195

Chairman  Marathi Board of Studies, RTMNU Nagpur

Name : Dr. Ajay D. Kulkarni

Dept.  : Marathi

Designation: Professor

Education : M. A. , M. Phil., B. Ed. SET, Ph. D.

Email Id:

Mobile No.:

Member, Commerce language board of studies RTMNU Nagpur

1. Guest lecture by Shri Parag Joshi of Kalidas University on ‘Santavichar: Kalachi Garaj’ (Extension Activities)

2. Guest being felicitated at Grantha Dindi program (Extension Activities)

► July 27, 2019 "Akashwani Sathi Marathi Cha Wapar" (Workshop)
► Sept 09, 2019 "Tahan Kadambari Ani Pani Prashna" (Student oriented activity)
► Oct 07, 2019 "Kavikatta" (Student oriented activity)
► आंतरमहाविद्यालयीन वक्तृत्व स्पर्धा (Student oriented activity)
► सी. पी. & बेरार महाविद्यालयाच्या सूत्रसंचालन कार्य शाळा संपन्न (Workshop)
► सी पी अँड बेरार महाविद्यालयाच्या वतीने राज्यस्तरीय वेबीनारचे आयोजन (Webinar)
► Student's Enrichment Programme - Academic Expert Guidance.- on 6th August 2018
► Danteshwari Pathan since 2002- To impart Moral, Ethical Values through Education
► Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din - Teaching Marathi on Computer
► Marathi Bhasha Sanwardhan Pandharwada
► अतिथी व्याख्यान २०१७ -२०१८
► कवीकट्टा २०१७ -२०१८
► कवीकट्टा २०१८ -२०१९
► मराठी भाषा गौरव दिन २०२०-२१
► राष्ट्रीय मराठी सामान्य ज्ञान स्पर्धा परीक्षा २०२०-२१

Guest lecture by Shri Parag Joshi of Kalidas University on ‘Santavichar: Kalachi Garaj’

Guest being felicitated at Grantha Dindi program

Teaching Marathi Language on Compute

Utility of Marathi in Akashwani

Kavi Katta students’ activity

Late Dr. Jagannathrao Naikwade Memorial Vidarbha Level Intercollegiate Elocution Competition 2019