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Dr. Vibha Kshirsagar (HOD)

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Qualification: M.A., B.Ed., NET, Ph.D.

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About Department

The Department of Sanskrit was established in 1970. It has been instrumental in promoting studies and research in Sanskrit language as well as classic Sanskrit literature. It has been a center of excellence in the field over a period of 50 years and even today is a vibrant department that is actively involved in Sanskrit Drama.

Ex Faculty members have been the learned Prof. N.G. Deekshit, Dr. Pankaj Chande, Mrs. P.P. Purohit, and Mrs. S.S. Halde. It may be noted that Dr. Pankaj Chande went on to found the first and only Sanskrit University known worldwide as the Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University. He was also the Vice Chancellor of the University for an unbroken 15 years.
The present Head of the Department is Dr. Vibha Kshirsagar, a renowned name in the field of Sanskrit drama and a respected speaker.
  1. On July 4, 2019,  P & Berar College, Nagpur in collaboration with Vidarbha Sahitya Sang organized a program on the occasion of ‘Kalidas Day’ in the library hall of of Vi. Sa. Sangh. Hon. Dr Leena Rastogi guided the youth on the topic ‘Future because of Sanskrit’ and also gave them information on different careers one can pursue by studying Sanskrit. Hon. Dr Milind Barahate was the person-in-charge of the program. The management of Vi.Sa.Sangh and representatives of various institutions and students were present.  Program anchoring and thanksgiving were done by Dr. Vibha Kshirsagar.
  2. Sanksrit Department held inter-college event on the topic ‘Sanskrit Vyavasayavasaraha’ in the program of ‘Ganacharcha’ dated 19/08/2019. Kavikulguru Kalidas University wits, namely, Hon. Dr Nanda Puri, Hon. Dr. Kavita Hole, Hon. Dr Shivram Bhatt and Dr Kartik Bhagwat answered the queries of students and also made them aware of the career choices available to them by studying Sanskrit. Hon. Dr Milind Barahate was the person-in authority of the program and Dr. Smita Hote who took the responsibility of the program addressed the function at the end. Compeering and thanksgiving were done by students Ku. Bharathi Nimaskar and Ku.Shital Pimpalapure.
  3. In a powerpoint presentation competition organized by Shrimati Binzhani Mahila College, Nagpur, on Sept 18’19 , Ku Bharathi Nimaskar , B.A I year , bagged a prize

► Saral-Manak Sanskrit Workshop - 24/04/2018

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► Activity - Sanskrit Department 22-12-20

► Activity -Kalidas Day Celebrated by C.P.&Berar College. 08-07-2021

► Activity -Sanskrit Day celebrated on 24/8/21

► Beginners Workshop on Career in Acting Date -20 /9/2021 to 27/9/2021

Guest lectures organized by Dept.of Sanskrit on 1/9/21 , 2/9//21

Dr.Kalapini Agasti (K.K.S.U Ramtek ) delivered Two speeches.

Topics– ) योगाचे अंतरंग , 2) स्वास्थ्यासाठीयोग

7 days Work shop 20 /9/21 to 27 /9/21


Sanskrit Day celebrated on 24/8/21

Speaker: Dr.Sambhaji Patil (Vasantrao Naik Arts and Commerce College, Nagpur)
Topic: मम कार्यं संस्कृतकार्यम्


Session 2018-2019

  • The college drama team had presented drama “Anolkhi Olakh” in mayor Drama Competition organized jointly by Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Akhil Bhartiy Natya parishad. The college team has been awarded with third prize of Rs.21,000/-. Actors Gaurav Khond and Ashwini Gorle received with best acting award. Actors namely 1) Ashwini Gorle 2) gaurav Khonde 3) Mangesh jaiswal 4) Rushabh Dhapodkar 5) Ankit Gorle 6) Pawan Karne participated in said drama.
  • In the session 2018-2019 drama “ShashVishanam” written by Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar has been presented in Maharashtra State Sanskrit Drama Competition. The drama received following awards.
  • Production: – third Prize of Rs.40,000/-
  • Acting:-Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar,Satish Thengdi
  • The drama :”siktasu tailam” written by Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar has been presented In State level Sanskrit Drama Festival  organized by Kavi Kalidas Sanskrit University Ramtek. The said drama Has been awarded Following Prizes
  • Production: Second prize to C.P.& Berar College
  • Best Acting: First Prize: Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar
  • Story: First Prize to Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar

The following actors participated in said drama

  • Vibha Kshirsagar
  • Satish Thengdi
  • Abhijit Munshi
  • Ankita Poharkar
  • Shrikrushna Koranne
  • Shilpa Dharmadhikari
  • Kiran Indane
  • Rushabh Dhapodkar


The drama presentation is conducted in session 2018-2019 is as above.

Report written

Dr.Vibha Kshirsagar  (Lecturer)