Divyang Policy

Policy on Divyang

People who are differently abled, or, divyang as they are now known as, have every right to all the facilities that the institute has to offer. As a policy, the CP & Berar College does not discriminate against any divyang who seeks admission to any course. This is borne out by a number of students with different disabilities pursuing their courses at this institution.

Apart from a zero discrimination policy, the institution also cares about these students getting easy access to the building. A few years ago, a ramp was built to approach the slightly elevated ground floor so that access to the office, library, common room, toilets, and a few classrooms, becomes easy for those facing mobility challenges. It may be noted that all these amenities have always been on the ground floor since the beginning, demonstrating the concern of even the founders of the institution towards the divyang.

Although all students are not part of the mentor-mentee scheme, the divyang are always placed under a mentor to address any issues faced by them. Additionally, it is usually the case that most of them will need some kind of counselling for mental health related issues during the course of their three years in the institution. The mentor is able to identify this, and such students have the benefit of counselling through the Psychology department. Any additional help regarding academics that they may require (in the case of visually impaired or hearing impaired for instance) is also provided to them by their respective teachers.