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The Central Provinces & Berar Education society, which is one of the premier prestigious institution in Nagpur & Vidarbha, has completed 85years of its fruitful existence. The C.P. & Berar E.S. College was established in the year 1960. During the last 55 years it has rendered glorious service to entire Vidarbha by catering to the educational needs of not only local students but students from surrounding rural areas as well.

Notice Board

C. P. & Berar College is organizing 7 days work shop on Research Methodology from 29/10/2018 to 03/11/2018. Research Scholars, Teachers and Academicians can attend this work shop. This work shop will provide the practical knowledge of research methodology , preparation of synopsis for major and minor research project and writing Research paper for Open excess journal.

Plase Contact
Dr. Medha kanetkar
Assistant Editor Sanshodhan
Mob:+91 9970934336
Email: medhakanetkar@gmail.com

NOTE - this is not RTMNUs Pre PhD course work

Please go through our website http://sanshodhan.co.in

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C. P. & Berar E. S. College

Tulsibagh, Mahal, Nagpur
Maharashtra, India
PIN- 440032
Email ID - contact@cpberar.co.in
Website - www.cpberar.co.in
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