Inspire n22

INSPIRE Annual Reserch Journal

Inspire 2018-19

About: Our C. P. & Berar College publishes Inspire magazine every year. It is published by Commerce department. This is inter-collegiate student’s research journal. The objectives of publishing this Journal is to give knowledge to the students regarding research. In 2018-19 all research papers written by students in Marathi are published. Dr Milind Barhate is chief editor & Dr. Reeta Sontakay is the editor of this journal. This journal is published by Major General (retired) Achyut Shankar Deo.

Inspire 2019-20

About: Inspire magazine is the intercollegiate student’s research journal. In 2019-20 students’ research papers of many colleges are published in English as well as in Marathi. Near about 5 to 6 colleges gave papers. The theme was interdisciplinary.

Inspire 2020-21

About: Inspire 2020-21 is interdisciplinary student’s research journal. Special feature of this issue is that plagiarism is only 27%.

Inspire 2022-23

About: Inspire 2022-23