Maintenance of Infrastructure

Maintenance of Infrastructure

The institution maintains the infrastructure, installations andequipment regularly. Regularpreventive maintenance is carried outthrough outer agencies. There are periodic checks of electrical,water installations, equipment, and sewage / garbage disposal.Complaint box is available for the students. Sanitary work, cleaningof classrooms, auditorium, conference room, etc is done through thesweepers on daily wages basis.



The Librarianlooks afterthe maintenance of the library books, journals, periodicals,furniture, electronic equipment, computers and software. Thelibrarian co-ordinates with the administration to ensure that maintenance is doneregularly. Weeding of books, Pest Management measures are carriedout regularly.Reading room is available for the students in the central library.



Department of Physical Education observes the sports activities inthe institution regularly. The institution has a huge playground fordifferent games which are regularly cleaned and well maintained bysupport staff. A well-equipped gymnasium is regularly maintained.



There are 32 computers in the college, and these are maintained through an annual contract.


Departments and Laboratories:

The day to day cleanliness of the departments and laboratories is looked after by daily wage staff. The maintenance of the equipment is outsourced.



The classroom facilities such as blackboards, electrical fittingsand furniture, etc. are regularly maintained by daily wage staff.


Computer Lab:

The institution has provided Internet Resource Center to access theinternet facility for the students. The maintenance of this Computer Lab is also outsourced.



The Institute is well lit and ventilate with fans. These are maintained whenever needed by outsourcing. Any fittings that need changing are changed immediately.


Water supply:

There are 2 Reverse Osmosis (RO) water units supplying drinkablewater. The RO units are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The institute gets its supply from the municipal corporation connection. This is supplemented by well water.


Medical facilities:

The institution has a good network with local clinics and a proximity to the Government Medical College & Hospital which provideservice in case of emergency. The Women’s Cell also holds regular check ups of girls with the help of a visiting doctor. Iron supplements are given to needy girls free of cost. A sick room has also been made available in the college. Health check-up, Blood Donation and Blood GroupDetection Camps are organised by the institution once a year.


Parking Facilities:

Adequate parking facilities for bicycles, two and four wheelers areavailable and a caretaker has been hired.



The security is observed by security guards 24×7. In addition, the campus is continuously monitored through CCTVs that have been strategically installed.