Management Information System

Management Information System

Management Information System, give a brief description and a list of modules currently operational

The college has purchased a software called Centralized Campus Management System and it allows the following outcomes in addition to some others.


The software has modules for academic monitoring, leave management, staff attendance, and the establishment section.

Finance and Accounts

Modules for fee collection, payroll processing, and central purchase. Allows complete book keeping, record of all kind of vouchers, structuring fee, list of students who have paid/not paid, daily collection report, etc.

Student Admission and Support

Modules for admission dealing with form collection, admission confirmation, seat availability, etc. The module for the student section deals with general information about admitted students, student list (class wise, section wise, faculty wise), automatic roll number generation, etc.


Module for examinations giving subject wise marks entry for internal exams, list of appeared/not appeared students, university exam fee collection, etc.