Ph. D Programme Details

Ph.D Programme Details

(RAC of the Center has been formed as per the Direction No. 27 of 2021 of RTMNU dated 11.10.2021)

(A)   The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) at Place for Higher Learning & Research is considered as follows-

1) Chairperson: Dr. Milind Barhate , Principal of the College

2) Member: Dr. Medha Kanetkar, Coordinator Research Centre

Subject Experts

for Commerce, nominated by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.

  • Dr. Pramod Fating
  • Dr. Sarita Karangutkar

for Marathi, nominated by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.

  • Dr. Pramod Munghate

3) Member Recognized Research Supervisor of the Ph.D. Scholar.

4) Member Head of the subject concerned

(B)     If the Chairperson is not able to attend the meeting of the committee on the scheduled date, he/she shall nominate senior research supervisor in the department to chair the meeting of the committee as working chairperson.

(C)      The Research Advisory Committee shall meet as per the requirements at the place of research.

(D)    Research Supervisor of the Research Scholar shall attend the meeting as a member of the committee as and when candidate(s) under his/her supervision shall be called before the committee meeting for presentation of the research proposal and for periodical review.

(E)     Out of the two research supervisors nominated by the Vice-Chancellor at least one must be present in the meeting for transacting the business.

(F)     The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) shall have following responsibilities: –

(i) The allocation of the Research Supervisor for an eligible research scholar shall be made by the committee taking into consideration the number of scholars already registered with the research supervisor, the specialization of the supervisors and research interest of the research scholar as indicated by him/her.

(ii) to review the research proposal and finalize the topic of the research and

(iii) to periodically review and assist in the progress of research work of the research scholar.

(G)    A research scholar shall appear before the Research Advisory Committee once m every six months to make presentation of the progress of his/her work for guidance.

(H)    If there is any major change in the ‘Title of Research’, the candidate may apply for the change of title to the University having got his/her application endorsed by the RAC of the concerned research centre within a maximum period of 2 years from the date of registration.

(I)      Where the research topics indicated by the research scholar is of inter disciplinary nature, if the committee is of the opinion that the expertise at the research centre has to be supplemented from outside, then it shall appoint a research supervisor from the centre it self and a co-supervisor belonging to other discipline from other research centre within the jurisdiction of the University on such terms and conditions as may be specified and agreed upon by the two centres of research.

(J)      In case of relocation of a woman scholar due to marriage or otherwise, if no objection certificate is issued by the supervisor and Head, place of research, the research data shall be allowed to be transected to the University or Autonomous Colleges I colleges/ Institutions to which the scholar intends to relocate, provided all other conditions of this Direction are complied with and the research work does not pertain to the project secured by the parent centre of research/ supervisor from any funding agency.

The research scholar, however, will have to give due credit to the parent supervisor and the centre of research for the part of the research already done. Such a proposal needs to be forwarded by the RAC to RRC for final approval.

(K)    Where the allotted supervisor is not able to supervise the research scholar either due to death or disability of the supervisor, for whatever reason, the research scholar may apply to the  research centre, for change of the supervisor.

The RAC of the research centre shall, with suggested new research supervisor, forward it to the Director, Board of Examinations and Evaluation, for change of the supervisor. The Director may place the matter before R.R.C. which shall take and appropriate decision on the application. In other circumstances the R.R.C. may allow change of supervisor on submission of No Objection Certificate’ from the supervisor and acceptance letter from the new supervisor

List of Supervisor

Sr.No. Name of the Supervisor Designation Faculty Subject Registration No.& Date Granted


Mob .No Email id Guideship Letter
1 Dr. Milind Barhate Principal Commerce & Management Commerce  Business Mngt. Ph.D (cell)/RRC/Guide/Comm/4343
Ph.D (cell)/RRC/Guide/Bus.Mngt/4357Dt- 11/12/2006
8 9823140032 PDF
2 Dr. Prafulla Sudame Professor Commerce & Management Commerce Ph.D.(Cell)/RRC/Guide/726/B/81
8 9423946673 PDF
3 Dr. Medha Kanetkar Associate Professor Commerce & Management Commerce


Business Eco.

Accounts &

dt-15/11 2008
dt-15/11 2008
Business Eco/4122
Dt;- 15/11/2010
A/C & Stata/4130
Dt.- 15/11/2010
6 9970934336 PDF
4 Dr. Reeta Sontakey Associate Professor Commerce & Management Commerce Ph.D.(Cell)/RRC/Guide/716/B/101 Dt.- 21/06/2010 6 9422827547 PDF
5 Dr. Pravin Bagde Associate Professr Commerce & Management Business Mngt Ph.D (cell)/RRC/Guide/
Business Mngt & Admn/158


6 Dr. Rekha Wadikhaye Professor Arts Marathi Ph.D.(Cell)/RRC/Guide


Dt. 29/12/2007

8 9975207195 PDF
7 Dr. Ajay Kulkarni Professor Arts Marathi RTMNU/Ph.D.Cell./RRC/Guide/B/2019/1341
8 9423403659 Ajaykulkarni1971@gmail,com PDF