Students Grievance Redressal Policy

Students Grievance Redressal

Students are the backbone of every educational institution. It is important that their voices are heard and acted upon. To this end, the CP & Berar College, with the initiative of the IQAC, has formed a Student Grievance Redressal Cell. A senior teacher is made in-charge of the committee that forms the cell and students are made aware of this through their respective WhatsApp groups and through their Mentors. Students are encouraged to approach the Cell with their concerns and care is taken to either act upon their grievance and address it to their satisfaction or counsel them in case the grievance is found to be false or malicious.

In addition to the Students Grievance Redressal Cell, a complaint box is also installed on the ground floor of the college building where anonymous complaints can be dropped in case a student does not feel comfortable talking in person. The box is checked weekly to ensure that there are no pending grievances that get neglected for long.