Women Cell N22

Women Cell

Women’s cell conducted various activities during the last decade. In 2010, the Women’s Cell organised a two-day seminar ‘Asmita‘ in which women from different walks of life participated. There were panel discussions, film screenings and interactive sessions.

In 2012 the Women’s Cell of C. P. & Berar College started the clinic ‘Arogya Sampada‘ for girls.  A weekly health checkup is conducted by a lady doctor. Medicine (Iron, Folic acid, multivitamin, deworming tablets) are distributed under the doctor’s prescription. During a special session girl students are made aware of Heath issues and how to take care of personal hygiene.

While interacting with girls students it is noticed that girls face problems like eve-teasing, sexual harassment once they step out of their homes for college. The Women’s Cell provided them a platform to share their resentment through a program ‘Desi Me Too‘.The program was unique as the girls displayed the dresses when the faced sexual abuse. They posted their stories along with their photos and name the idea being instead of concealing their identities they prefer to come forward and shared their experiences in public. The program was a great success and media give it a wide publicity. Since then the Women’s Cell conduct an awareness program that provides information regarding the laws safeguarding women.

Recently Women’s Cell has started to work on a project. Students gather the news about violence against women published in leading newspapers and file them. The Women’s Cell proposed to analyse the data and present the conclusion in a seminar.